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    Paper Piecing Tutorial & Free Mug Rug Pattern

    Perfection is pursued by a lot of sewers.  There are a few ways we can achieve perfection is through pinning, cutting corretly and paper piecing. Paper Piecing can be a tricky technique.  But, really when you understand it, the possiblities are endless!  There is no stopping what you can print and sew.  You name the topic, you can find it…

  • Start Here Quilt Block Tutorail | patchwork posse - free quilt tutorials and easy sewing projects
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    Start Here Quilt Block

    This block was originaly shared with moose quilts in a jelly roll sampler. I took a look at it again and thought of a new name….start here.  If you take a look, the corners all point to the center block which happens to be a 4 patch quilt block. So, in reference to the arrow and a map sort of….the…

  • How to make felt doll with panel fabric | patchworkposse #freetutorial #feltdolls
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    How to Make Felt Dolls with Panel Fabric

    I picked up some fabric– couldn’t resist those little kitties…and their little fun accessories. What to do with it though?  The fabric came as a panel with the prints spaced apart.  For this tutorial, I decided to make some super cute felt dolls. These would make a fun and easy to to travel with play kit for the kiddos in…

  • Scrappy Doll Quilt Tutorial | patchworkposse #freepattern #quilt #doll
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    Scrappy Doll Quilt Tutorial

    After putting together the pineapple quilt block, I was a little frustrated with this pile of fabric and leftover triangular pieces. I have a hard time throwing fabric in the trash…especially when it is kind of bigger, which some of these were. After looking at a few options {over 50 different ideas for orphan quilt blocks} I decided to sew…

  • pineapple quilt block tutorial | patchworkposse #quiltblock #freepattern
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    Pineapple Quilt Block Tutorial

    The pineapple quilt block is very similar to the log cabin quilt block.  The only difference being that the corners are cut off. It is kind of a traditional quilt block and one that if you use contrast between the rows it can be very striking. Pineapple Quilt Block Tutorial Materials Needed: fabric strips 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ center…

  • how to sew a log cabin quilt block | patchwork Posse
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    Log Cabin Quilt Block Tutorial

    There are some quilt blocks out there that are the ‘standard’ when it comes to quilts.  The log cabin quilt block is one of them. It’s very sewer friendly, with just strips of fabric.  The fun begins when you start playing with color. Starting with the center of the block with a simple square, the rest of the quilt block…

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    12 Printable Fabric Yo Yo Templates

    After putting together the project and having the printable with 3 yo yo templates, I thought that having more sizes would come in handy. Instead of tracing everything circular in your home and not really know what size the yo yo will end up, this little printable will help.  It takes the guess work out of all of that.  Simply…