Rail Fence Quilt Block Tutorial

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Quilting and quilt blocks can become kind of intimidating.  They can have so many parts, and compicated seams and shapes…… it is nice to have a quilt block that you can whip up in 15 minutes.

The Rail Fence Quilt block is one of them.  It consists of fabric strips.  They are simply sewn together and then turned, repeating the rotate.

Rail Fence Quilt Block Tutorial | patchwork posse #quiltblock #tutorial #freepattern

Materials Needed:

12– 2 1/2″ X 6 1/2″

Instructions for the Rail Fence Quilt Block:

1)  Lay your strips out and play with the layout


2)  Sew your strips together in sets of 3

3)  Lay the sets of 3 and play with the layout


4)  Sew your sets together to make your block


This is kind of where the fun begins.  After you have learned how to sew them together, you can play with the widths of the strips.

You can mix and match the widths, sewing them together until you reach a specific size.

Just remember that when you are done sewing them together, you will need to square the blocks up.   This will allow them to be sewn side by side easily and end up square.

The rail fence is a great block to sew up quickly for a last minute baby quilt.

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