Table Runner Tutorial- Sochi Olymipcs Inspired

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The Olympics has started, and while I am not a totally commited fan {I catch a few things here and there}…. I was totally in love with their design for their banners, backgrouns, clothing, ect.

They have gone Patchwork!!!   Since we had a little discussion about using color in quilts, this is really a fun way to explore them and try something a little bit new.

So based on their banners that they have…. I made up my own version with the

olympic table runner tutorial | patchwork posse #quilt #olypicssochi

Sochi Olympics Table Runner

finished size: 9″ X 50″

Here is a quick look at what the inspiration was:

For this project I found a nice collection of batiks I had sitting around and thought this would be perfect.  I do realize that the inspiration has different sized squares, but I went with the standard 2 1/2″ squares to keep it easy.


I found working with batiks the best because they have such a variety of print within themselves.  Most of them are color on color, with some having a pop of color every once in awhile for a bit of surprise.  I would think this would work great with any kind of fabric stash you have on hand though.  It’s really all about color.

olympic table runner tutorial | patchwork posse #quilt #olypicssochi

Materials Needed:

2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ squares in a variety of colors- yellow, orange, green, teal, blue, pink, purple and a few darks and lights.  —- 83 squares total

40 2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ light squares for the border around the colored squares

backing and batting 10″  X 51″

Instructions for the Sochi Table Runner:

1)  Lay all your quilt blocks out and arrange them in this order {taken from the inspiration reference above}

yellow to orange,  green to yellow,  teal to green,  blue to teal,  pink to purple.


2)  The strips will be 5 colored squares with a light square at the top and bottom of the strip

olympic table runner tutorial | patchwork posse #quilt #olypicssochi

3)  The ends will have one row of 3 colored with 2 lights {one at each end} and then one colored with 2 lights {one at each end}

4)  Sew the strips together


5)  Lay the strips back out and line back up- lay right sides together the strips and sew together-  The top block will start one block down from the top.  Pin at intersection of squares if needed.


6)  Continue sewing the strips together until finished

7)  With a ruler, trim the points off of the ends.  The ruler will line up 1/4″ past the point or seam


8)  Layer the top, batting, backing fabric and quilt the top -I quilted 1/4″ from one seam diagonally.  Kept it simple.


9)  Trim the backing and batting.

10)  Bind the quilt *need some help? here are some binding tutorials and helpful hints*

tablerunner1  tablerunner2

I loved playing with the colors on this project.  It was alot of fun and took an afternoon to finish up.

Does anyone else have this problem?  Yeah- that’s Daisy finding her way to the only thing colorful in a half acre to stand on….hmmm…..

daisy on the olympic sochi table runner | patchworkposse

 How do you like thier banners for this olympics?

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