50 + Fabric Baskets and Bins Tutorials

50 + Fabric Baskets and Bins Tutorials

I love new sewing room ideas.  One of them is fabric baskets and bins. There are a few things that you can never really make enough of– fabric bins or baskets is one of them.  I have them holding fabric, scraps, sewing projects, pencils, little bits….you name it, it can store it.

While being organized is a big plus, the other benefit is the cuteness!  Finding a way to show off fabric, designs, patterns….is always fun.  These can brighten a room, shelf, and yet be useful as well.

fabric bins and buckets tutorial round up | patchwork posse #fabricbins #easysewingprojects

 Fabric bin tutorial using your orphan quilt blocks |  tallbucket
nurserybasket  basket small
 fabricbasket1  fabricbin
 linedcanvasbins  bucket6
 binfabric  lrstitched
 dsc02616  janomebasket
 weavebasket  tallskinnybasket
 3rd Floor Fabric Basket_Done  fabricbins
 fabric baskets 1  fabric-033
 fabricnestingbasket  Fabric Basket Tutorial (Title Picture)
 fabric-basket-tutorial  three-baskets1
 easterbasket  081101 mandjestutorial 12
 finished_basket  fabric basket tutorial
 scrappy_fabric_basket_tutorial  basketimage
 fabricbasketembroidery  easter07-700x700
 Basket  Hanging-fabric-baskets-2
 little-bow1  nestingbaskets
 scrapbasket  fabricbuckets3
 bikebasket  finished2
 bikebuckettutorial  ArtTote26
 fabricbinandbasket  fabric baskets
 SONY DSC  cover-shot
 drawstring_top_fabric_basket  ivybaskets21
 FFB  1102-Treat_Baskets-20
 Multipurpose-Fabric-Bin1_product_main  berryboxmiddle
 fabricbasket  fabricbaasket copy
 0872-Photo-111-13  Canvasbucket1
 fabric baskett  fabrictrays

What do you stuff in your fabric basket?

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  1. Sue

    20 March

    I love fabric baskets.. I have tons of scrap material I have to find a use for (to get new fabric) so plan on making a few this spring/summer for gifts the next holiday season. Need to start now or never will get them done.

  2. Colleen

    27 March

    I can’t locate the woven fabric basket tutorial. Any suggestions? The link tied to the image says “Error 404 Not Found”

  3. Becky

    1 April

    Thanks Colleen for the heads up. The link has been updated!

  4. Terry

    14 April

    Great basket ideas. I just made one similar to those shown and want to make some more,
    but different. These will fill that need. Thanks.

  5. Nancy O

    9 May

    Is there a book or instructions +r the 50 + fabric baskets. There’s several I would like to make. Thank you.

  6. Patty Virginia

    11 July

    OMG, which one do I want to make first? Great selection of fabric baskets. Love them and thanks a bunch for the collection.

  7. Mary

    19 September

    I am wondering if the scrap basket comes in a book

  8. Becky

    26 September

    Mary- I don’t believe so– might be a pattern you can download though.

  9. Jean

    18 August

    Thank you for featuring my fabric basket Tutorial. 🙂

  10. Cheri

    12 January

    Thanks so much for these Becky, I’m planning to try out a few! 🙂

  11. Maria Regina

    16 September

    Maria Regina,I love baskets, here in Brazil we made It a Lot.Thank You,they are so beautiful!!!!

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