Heating Pad Cover- Sew it with a quilt block! Tutorial- patchworkposse.com
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Heating Pad Cover- 52 UFO Quilt Block Pick UP

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Someone needed some extra attention to the backside this past weekend and as I was pulling it out from the storage spot under the sink {does it feel like a shopping cart sometimes? It just never fits back in like it was when you started!} I noticed that the heating pad was covered with a UFO Quilt Block!!

Plus it’s been 25 degrees outside this past week- so tweeked back or not, I need to start using this to keep warm!

Heating Pad Cover- Sew it with a quilt block! Tutorial- patchworkposse.com

Materials needed:

1 quilt block at least 1″ larger than the heating pad you are covering.

batting {optional}

fabric- lining and backing

heating pad cover tutorial. Use a quilt block to sew it up quick! Tutorial- patchworkposse.com

Instructions for the Heating Pad Cover:

1)  Measure the heating pad.  This will help you find the correct size of quilt block.  If the quilt block is not big enough add a few borders around it to get it there.

2)  Take this measurement and add 1″ total –this is so you can sew it together without squishing the heating pad

3)  Cut the backing, 2 batting,  and lining {2 pieces} the same size

4)  Layer the lining, batting, and backing- right sides will be on the outside- Quilt the quilt block a little bit to secure the three layers together

5)  Repeat with the back

6)  Lay the front and the backside together, right sides facing

* Mark where the cord will be coming out of the cover.  You will need to make sure you don’t sew this area.

7)  Sew all the way around, leaving a 2 1/2″ opening for turning- and leaving an opening for the cord {can be the same hole!}

8)  Turn right sides out, iron

9)  Where the hole is the layers of the fabric will be raw.  Tuck the selvedge inside and sew closed– repeat this for the front and the back of the cover

10)  Suff the heating element inside.  You will need to maybe roll it up to place it inside the cover. Unroll and make any adjustments.  If you need you can sew part of the opening closed so it won’t slip out if it’s too large.

Heating Pad Cover- Sew it with a quilt block! Tutorial- patchworkposse.com


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