Quilt As You Go Tutorial

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Quilt as you go is a great technique for any sewer to know.  The whole premise is- when you are done with the top, you are done with the bottom and quilting!

I love that you can quickly sew something together with this method.  I keep to small sewing projects at the beginning.  Easier to handle on the sewing machine and you are more likely to actually finish it!

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Besides the simplicity of the steps, it is great for using up those little bits and scraps of fabric that you have hanging around.  I never know what to do with them.  Here is your chance to put them to work.

Materials needed for this technique:

* fabric scraps

* fusible fleece

* fabric for your back

Learn how to quilt as you go- tutorial. Great for small sewing projects. #quilt #howtoquilt

Quilt as you go Tutorial:

1)  Cut your fusible fleece a little larger than the finished size you need.  The project I was working on used a 8″ X 10″  size.  {You will trim down later}

* the reason I use fusible fleece- it holds the backing fabric while you are working on the top.  If you don’t have it you can substitute it for regular batting and use pins or a spray adhesive.

2)  Cut your back the same size as the fleece.  Using the instructions provided, fuse the fleece to the wrong side of the backing fabric

3)  Place a scrap -right sides facing up on the fleece side

4)  Place another scrap -right sides facing the first scrap. Match one length of edge and pin in place

5)  Sew along the matching edge, trim any extra fabric underneath if needed

6)  Flip open and iron

7)  Place another scrap- right sides facing.  Match one legth of edge and pin in place

8)  Continue steps 5-7 until you have covered the fleece

9)  Iron well

10)  If you’d like you can go back and sew some additional lines – just for finishing look sake

11)  Trim the edges to the size you had decided on in step 1

Have you tried this technique yet? What tips and hints do you have?


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