Fabric Weaving How To

Weaving your fabric can be a great way to add a little bit of texture and fun to your sewing projects.    This kind of reminds me of a woven vest my mom had made for me years ago when I was younger….did any of you have one of those?

While that is no longer in fashion, or maybe it is and I totally don’t know it…. you can still use the technique.

fabric weaving tutorial | sew up a mesh bag with a weaved front for notions | patchwork posse

Materials needed:

If you have a nifty little hem tape maker, then by all means you should use it!  Here is a quick tutorial on using one.  This will make all your strips evenly folded and it can help that ironing process.

Instructions for Fabric Weaving:

1)  Cut heat-n-bond into 1/5″ strips x 7″   You will need one strip per strip of fabric


2)  Fold the top edge and bottom edge of your fabric strip till they meet in the middle.  Iron well

3)  Place one fusible strip on one side of the folded strip and iron in place


4)  Remove paper and fold the other half of the strip- iron in place


5)  Repeat with all fabric strips

6)  Cut background piece and lay RIGHT SIDES up on a pinnable surface

7)  Pin the strips in place on one end- then weave away!

fabric weaving tutorial | sew up a mesh bag with a weaved front for notions | patchwork posse

* To help secure the strips you can spray some adhesive on the background fabric- or you can put a little bit of glue on the strips to secure

8)  Carefully remove the panel and strips from the pinnable surface- sew along the outside edge to they don’t shift

9)  Use the woven panel anywhere in your project!  I substituted the outside fabric on the front of the bag in this tutorial, and then followed the rest of the steps to contruct the bag.

fabric weaving tutorial | sew up a mesh bag with a weaved front for notions | patchwork posse

I have teamed up with a few other friends who used this same fabric weaving idea and made their own projects.  Head on over and see what they have come up with!

Heather whipped up a pincushion~


Deby made a pillow~



Have you ever made something using the fabric weaving method? What tips & tricks can you share?


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  1. Anne

    6 March

    Loving the woven fabric!! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later today that links to your tutorial:

  2. Kelsey

    17 March

    I’ve used this technique with fair ribbons. It’s quick & fun because the ribbons have finished edges already.

  3. Sara

    20 June

    So darn cute! You woven fabric bag took me back to an era when my late granny made a woven fabric basket. Thank for sharing this.

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