how to mirror your applique tutorial |
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How to Mirror Your Applique Templates

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Applique is so fun…but sometimes I find that I jump the gun, and off I run to the printer only to find that the applique templates are backwards!!!!

What in the world?  Now what?

Figuring out how to print it correctly is very helpful…. especially when you are appliqueing words.

It will save you a lot of time tracing.  A lot of time!

how to mirror your applique tutorial |

How to mirror your applique templates:

1)  Click the print buttonhow to mirror your applique tutorial |

2)  Check the reverse pages button

3)  Look in the preview window to make sure it has been reversed

4)  Print

If you don’t have the option or care to look for it, you can turn the printed image over, trace on the backside of the paper and then use this for the template for applique.

*your printer might be a bit different from mine.  Check the properties tab/paper then look for mirror image option.

Print off the Valentines Applique Templates in this tutorial here.

Now that you have it printed– hop on over to the tutorial on how to use fusible web with applique.

If you have a different printer, and know where to find the mirror option, let us know in the comments so others can find it quicker.

These are some other amazing applique tutorials right here on Patchwork Posse.

2 thoughts on “How to Mirror Your Applique Templates

  1. Robin in MN

    Wow Becky! Thanks for this info – I never knew my printer could do this. This will save a ton of drawing time! You are a life-saver!

  2. Becky

    robin– good thing to know right?! I still learn new tricks all the time that save a lot of time. Good to show it to you and happy it helped!

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