how to applique using fusible web | patchwork posse
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How to Applique using Fusible Web

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Applique seems like a pretty basic thing in quilting…that it is, after you remember how to do it again!

I find that it is kind of like riding a bike.  There are a few moments when I needed a quick reminder on  what to really do and what worked best.

This technique is perfect for whipping out some applique in a hurry, and getting you back on the bike of applique.

how to applique using fusible web | patchwork posse

Materials needed for Applique:

Fusible web- Thermoweb has a great product.  Heat-n-bond lite



Instructions- How to applique using fusible web:

1)  Print off your templates….if you need to resize them, do that now.  Also if you are appliqueing letters, you will need to print them in reverse.

2)  Lay your paper under the fusible web and trace.  The smooth paper side of the fusible will be on the top. You will be writing on this.

how to applique using fusible web | patchwork posse

3)  Cut around your drawn templates

4) Lay the templates on the wrong side of the fabric.  Don’t be like a kindergartner.  Put the templates to the edge and make the most out of your fabric piece

how to applique using fusible web | patchwork posse

5)  Iron.  Now, you need to pay attention…… press the iron down.  DON’T move the iron back and forth.  That could shift the template before it is fused to your fabric.  Just place the iron on top and press.  Lift, and move to the next spot.  Repeating.

6)  Cut out pieces using scissors or rotary cutter

applique tutorial3

7)  Lay in place…and play with your placement

8)  Peel the paper backing off and lay in place

valentine tutorial4

9)  Iron –again, press, don’t scoot the iron!

10)  Stitch around the edge to finish them.  You can use the button hole, satin stitch, raw edge applique.

You can have some fun here- choose different colors of thread, a different thread for each piece, contrasting, black, matching.  You name it.  They will each give you a different look, so give some thought about your thread.

applique tutorial5

When using the lite product, you will need to sew the edges to secure.  The heavy will stay on longer with less stitching, but if you are using the applique pieces for clothes, or towell or quilts that will be washed a bit, you will want to secure them with stitching.

You can find the Valentines Applique template used in the tutorial here.

Have any tips/hints for using fusible web for applique? I’d love to hear about it….

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  1. Payal Bansal

    This is so cute…. Apart from Valentines we can try it on other occasions too. Awesome work loved it

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