50+ Easy Sewing Projects for UFO Quilt Blocks

Are you over loaded with quilt blocks galore?  I am!  I even have a special drawer where I keep all my lost or leftover Quilt Blocks.

Usually called an orphan block, or UFO {unfinished object} quilt block- they don’t have a home {except for the drawer in my sewing cottage} and it was getting crowded so I put together a series to help myself and you find some inspiration and easy sewing projects, so they will not be homeless anymore.  I am sure I will have a never ending supply of them, but at least I can find something to do with them now!

Over 52 Orphan Quilt Block Ideas and Tutorials | patchwork posse

Ready to figure out what to do with your lost and lonely quilt blocks?  Whether you are a beginner or newbie at sewing, doesn’t matter.

These are all free, small, simple and fun.  Some are even kid friendly {for them to start sewing with}.

So, dig out your quilt blocks that have no home and start sewing!

Quilting Supplies you may need:


Sewing Projects using Orphan Quilt Blocks

Be sure to stop by often, there is always a new idea or easy projects tutorial for you to use for your quilt blocks galore pile!


5 thoughts on “50+ Easy Sewing Projects for UFO Quilt Blocks

  1. Pat H.

    Wow, I love all your ideas for using quilt blocks! Thank you so much for doing this project and sharing it with us.
    Pat H, KS

  2. Becky

    Pat- you are so welcome! Glad I can help others whittle down their pile of lost ones….

  3. Margaret Long

    So glad I found your site brought Pinterest. Looks like I have a lot of enjoyable exploring to do!

  4. Joni

    A great collection of ideas for those odd blocks or ones that just weren’t quite right for the project, but ya couldn’t throw them away!

  5. Carol Stephenson

    I made a sampler quilt for kids to donate through my quilt guild.

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