Valentine Heart Tutorial {52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up}

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This week how about we focus on something that is coming up pretty quickly— Valentines!  Little Valentine Heart Pillows to be exact.

quilt along

These little pillows are great when your UFO Quilt Blocks really are horrible!  You can cover them up with some lace, doily or whatever.  Bad points?  Wrong colors? Horrible piecing? Hide it and then chop it into a small pillow.  I had a few blocks that were different sizes…so I used the larger one for the larger heart and the smaller ones for the small heart.  I even had a few snow block quilt blocks that I hurried and sewed together to make a larger block and then used that to chop up.

Heart Pillow Tutorial #valentines #easysewingproject Patchwork Posse

Use your imagination with this.  Anything goes….really.   I didn’t include a template for the heart thinking that everyone can cut a heart out of a piece of paper.  *hint, fold the paper in half first and then cut.  The sides will be equal that way.  Make your life a little happier.

The materials list is only for 2 valentine hearts.  If you are needing a bunch, then just start using more UFO Quilt Blocks.  Another idea– save the pieced blocks for the front and have a solid piece of fabric on the back.  Kind of a mix and match sort of thing.

Materials needed:

2 small UFO Quilt Block per heart- small pillows

2 large UFO Quilt Block per heart- big pillows

Random doilies, ribbon, ricrac or lace

Polyfil stuffing

valentine heart images

Valentine Heart Instructions:

1)  Arrange until happy the doilies, ricrac and little bits.  Sew edges down

2)  Cut out a heart template using paper

valentine heart tutorial

3)  Pin template on UFO Quilt Block

4)  Cut out heart -front and back —if you are adding ricrac or lace to the edge….sew these down before you do the next step

5)  Sew all the way around the heart, leaving a little opening for turning

6)  Snip those points, valleys and humps

7)  Stuff very firmly

valentine heart image

8)  Stitch the opening closed

9) Layer in basket and leave out for others to notice your talent

valentine heart


Notice some other cute stitched pillows in the basket?

These are available in a pattern in my shop– Patchwork Posse Pattern Shop

valentine pattern

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If you are sewing along with us and making up something with your UFO Quilt Blocks {even if you find your own way of sewing them together} we would all love a little peeksee!

Post them in the UFO Quilt Block Photo Gallery.  


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