Camp Chair Tote Bag tutorial {52 Quilt Block Pick Up}

One of my favorite parts of camping is sitting around and shooting the breeze with everyone.  No distractions, like computers {totally addicted}, cell phones {out of reach}, and gaming {the batteries run out}….. so sitting is what I do.  Whether it be sitting in my camp chair in the water or on dry land under a shady treee….that is where you will find me.

One thing about camp chairs though- they don’t have any storage!  I have one chair that has a pocket on the back, but really who has arms long enough to reach behind themselves to grab whatever you are storing {which by the way it totally jabbing you in the back} behind you.  The solution to this tricky situation is sewing yourself a camp chair tote bag that hangs on the handle.

Sew a bag for your camp chair tutorial / Patchwork Posse #diy #tutorial

This easy pattern for beginners is not a fancy one.  No lining for this bag- and raw edges too! Gasp.  Sometimes making a simple bag is all you really need to do to be functional.  This is a camp chair handle bag for heaven’s sake!  It will be thrown on the ground {if your kids put things away like mine do}, tossed about when the wind storm hits, full of leaky water bottles loaded with drink mixes…and more.  So, I went with simple, sweet, to the point and washable- or tossible if something gets out of control oozing.

The quilt block I chose to use was from a swap years ago.  It is summery and matches the yellow gingham check I had on the shelves.  Plus, I took advantage of the already fuzzy raw edges of the fabric to make it even easier!

Materials Needed:

fabric square the same size as your quilt block

1/2 yard fabric

2 buttons


Cut 1 piece: 13″ X 14″

Cut 1 piece:  13″ X 12″


Cut 4 pieces: 2″ X 9″

Pocket instructions:

Pin right sides together quilt block and fabric square

Sew all the way around leaving a 2″ opening for turning

Snip corners and trip right sides out

Iron and close hole with ladder stitch

Strap Instructions:

Pin 2 pieces- right sides facing out and sew all the way around.  Repeat with other strap

Sew a button hole  at one end that will fit the button you will use later.  Repeat with other strap

Pin on one side and sew to the back of the tote bag- Sew an X to secure it {do not sew the end with the button hole down}  Repeat with other strap.

camp chair tutorial

Sew a button to the front on top in the center of where you sewed the X- photo shows the strap already buttoned, which means the button is sewn on the X marks the spot

camp chair tote bag tutorial

Tote Bag Instructions:

Pin the pocket in the middle of the smaller piece.  Sew the sides and bottom {leaving the top so you can stuff it full of good things}

Pin right sides facing out -the front with the pocket and back of the tote bag.  Line up the bottom edge.  Sew the sides and bottom of the bag.  Sew a second seam to secure it.


tote bag tutorial #diy #totebag

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