Sewing Curtains using Quilt Blocks {52 Quilt Block Pick Up}

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The big question of the week- do you have enough quilt blocks to sew up a curtain?  Sewing curtains from your ufo quilt blocks is a great way to make a massive dent in your stash of quilt blocks.

Before we get into the gallery of ideas– let’s go over the basic idea on how to get this done.

Gather the blocks that are kind of related, either by color, style, quilt block, or size.

The easiest thing would be to sew them into a row {if they match in size.  If they don’t match, sew a border around each block and then cut them to the correct matching size} and then you can add coordinating fabric to the top and bottom of the row of quilt blocks.

If you are a scrappy kind of gal, you can sew a few together and add borders and sashings to them until they reach the size you need.  There is a tutorial on this patchwork method here.

I have sewn up a quilt only to use it in the kids bathroom as their shower curtain. Loved it! I backed it with fabric and sewed all the way around, turned it right sides out and closed the hole.  I did add tabs at the top to hang.  Super easy and works great.  If you are sewing curtains for your shower, don’t use batting and don’t quilt it.  Keep it simple.

Enjoy the eye candy of sewing curtains with your quilt Block~

Have you made curtians with your quilt blocks?  Where did you use it?


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