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Hot Pad {52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up}

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It’s Hot Pad time!  For those of you who have a plethera of quilt blocks {that would totally be me} this is a great way to get rid of a bunch of them!  You could really even stock up and have them ready in a little pile for gifts- wedding gifts, neighbor gifts.

The beauty of using a UFO Quilt block is that you don’t worry about the scorch spots or tomato stains that just won’t go away.  They are fully functional and won’t make you have an anxiety attack when you use it.


A Hot pad‘s are just the right size for when you want to sew, but have little bits of time to work with. They are good for those of us who like pretty quick personal satisfaction of accomplishment.  You could even try out a few quilting designs if you want…no unpicking necessary if you make a mistake!

Hot Pad Pattern to use with your UFO Quilt Blocks~

Modify Tradition has a wonderful tutorial on making yourself a hot pad with an 8 1/2″ square quilt block.  They even go into how to quilt it and bind it.

hot pad

In Color Order goes into how to make your half square triangles {interesting technique} however, if you are a hoarder of 1/2 squares…just dig around and sew up your own hot pad!

She also shows a few different layouts- cute!

hot pad

Chasing cotton does the same thing with her hot pad blocks are the first one. They are 8 1/2″ squares.  Seems to be the perfect size, doesn’t it?

hot pad

These are a little different because they are round– but I love them!  plus, there is a pocket on the back for your little fingers so they don’t get all burnt.  This is great for smaller quilt blocks- you sew a border around them and then cut the circle…..or if you don’t care about your UFO Quilt block, just cut it!


What’s your favorite kind of Hot Pad?

This is part of the 52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up seriesneed more ideas on what to do with your UFO Quilt Blocks? previous weeks and UFO Quilt Block ideas

If you are sewing along with us and making up something with your UFO Quilt Blocks {even if you find your own way of sewing them together} we would all love a little peeksee!

Post them in the UFO Quilt Block Photo Gallery.  

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