kids travel games tutorial / patchwork posse
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Travel Games Checkers and Tic Tac Toe {52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up}

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Going somewhere this summer? Travel games are the way to keep the kids entertained while smashed into the vehicle surrounded by packed bags.  While this little travel pack doesn’t fair well with playing in the car – using it at your destination spot works great {whether thats at the park down the street, backyard lawn, or across the country}.

The combination of the checkers and tic tac toe is made using, of course, ufo quilt blocks.  Super simple and easy pattern for beginners, plus it will use up your fabric stash.

The game is double sided with a hiddle pocket to keep your playing pieces secured and easy to find when you need them.  Fold it, roll it, and tie it and you are ready to go!

kids travel games tutorial / patchwork posse

Materials needed:

checkers quilt block

2 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ squares {can be matching or not}

9 patch quilt block + strips of fabric to enlarge block

pocket fabric 7″ X 7″

ribbon ties- 2> 8″ each

velcro 6″

button playing pieces or rocks, pebbles, bottle caps or whatever you have that you’d like to use for you playing pieces

Checkers Travel Game:

Sew 8 squares across by 8 squares down.  Total of 64 squares.  You can use ufo 4 patch blocks {as long as they are all the same size} to speed things up

Tic Tac Toe Travel Game:

Sew borders around the 9 patch block until it measures the same size as the checkers side


Sew velcro on one side of each piece.  Make sure they are centered and at least 1/2″ from the top edge {you don’t want to the velcro to get caught into the seam}

adding velcro to pocket

Finishing the game bag:

Pin one pocket right sides together to the checker side.  It will need to be 1″ from the side and the velcro will be next to the seam you are sewing.

sew to the edge of the travel game

Sew the other half of the pocket to the tic tac toe side

Open the pocket and line up with the other pocket.  Pin all the way around the game

pinning the pocket games for kids

Pin the ribbon between the checkers and tic tac toe quilt blocks on the opposite side of the pocket

Sew all the way around the fabric game, leaving a 3″ opening on side of the pocket open for turning

pull fabric through hole for turning

Sew the opening closed and stuff pocket inside -inbetween the lining and the fabric game

Sew a finishing stitch all the way around the game- start and stop at pocket hole.  DO NOT sew pocket hole!

Stuff the pocket with your playing pieces

hidden pocket

What’s your favorite game to pack around when you travel?

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2 thoughts on “Travel Games Checkers and Tic Tac Toe {52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up}

  1. kathleen babbitt

    I have a pet peeve I would like to share with you. when you are doing something with needle and thread it is called HANDMADE! when you make something in the kitchen it is referred to as HOMEMADE. when you refer to something homemade with things other than cooking or baking it is demeaning your work. I just reread your tutorial and I don’t see the reference I guess it was on free patterns. sorry for my rant but maybe it will hit home with someone. I love your game. especially the pocket to hold the tokens. keep up the good work! I am so inspired by the 52 ufo quilt block party. kathleen

  2. Kat Price

    Cool idea for a travel game! Instead of buttons or rocks, you could cut out thick felt circles to be used as checkers, and if you cut a few squares too, they could be the “X’s” to use with the circles in TicTacToe.

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