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10 minute Table Runner {52 Quilt Block Pick Up}

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Ten minute Table Runner- use new or old quilt blocks. Simple to stitch up and use! Tutorial includes how to sew it all together.

Sewing a table runner can be super quick– maybe this could even be a ten minute table runner if your blocks were all ready the same size. I am going with that, since that is how long it took me to sew mine.

I am not really sure where these orphan quilt blocks came from. They have been sitting in my drawers for a bit.

In fact, I was lucky enough to have them already sewn in a long strip!  {i bet I will find a project later on that requires this row. lol}

10 minute table runner tutorial | 2 quilt blocks | patchwork posse

There are 2 different quilt blocks in the table runner.

They are alternated, but you can really use what you have on hand and be just fine with whatever you go with.

Since mine were already in a long rectangle I left them.

You could easily though, sew yours into a square for a table topper.

10 minute table runner tutorial / patchworkposse.com

There isn’t any quilting or batting- it’s pretty basic, but if you’d like to fancy it up…go right ahead.

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Materials for the Table Runner:

4 Quilt blocks measuring the same size.

If they aren’t, sew some borders around them and trim so they are equal

Backing {measure and cut this after your table runner top is finished

2 quilt block table runner / patchworkposse.com

10 minute Table Runner Tutorial

1) Sew the blocks together in a straight row- you might want to alternate them for more interest, or turn the block so it doesn’t match

2) Measure the top

3) Cut the back the measurement from step 2

4) Pin right sides together

5) Sew all the way around the top, leaving a 3″ opening for turning

6) Snip corners and turn right sides out

7) Sew around the outside edge 1/4″ from edge

Display on table


This is part of the  52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up series need more ideas on what to do with your UFO Quilt Blocks? previous weeks and UFO Quilt Block ideas and easy sewing projects.

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