What is Reverse Applique? 14 Tutorials All About it

What is reverse applique? You will learn all about reverse applique using these fun tutorials. Options are endless when you reveal the fabric underneath.

I am a big fan of applique…but sometimes I get hung up on using the same technique over and over again {my go-to technique is raw edge applique}.  Learning a new technique isn’t that difficult…but it does take a little bit of time to figure out how it works.

Reverse applique is one of those that you see– and love, and then when you give it a try…you don’t love any more.

Today let’s change your attitude!

reverse applique tutorials - learn this technique of showing off the fabric under the top layer! It's a fun way to add interest to projects and isn't that hard either!

What is this reverse applique technique you ask?

It’s where you layer fabric and then cut away the top layer to reveal the underneath.  

You can layer multiple layers if you are big into surprises, but for the most part it’s done with just the top and bottom layer.

Looking to add interest to a project? This is a great way to do it.

It will add color pops, mix up your texture and add a little bit of character to anything that you are working on.

To give you a little bit of learning room, here are 14 tutorials all about reverse applique, and as you can see from the collection you can use this technique on any kind of project too.

Each tutorial will give you hints, tips and a few little extras-  mixing fabrics, raw edge, satin stitch, handstitch, needle turn, using templates…you name it!

So, give it a try– who knows, maybe it will become something that you really like to do….

Reverse Applique 1
 Make a multi-colored design on a tote with reverse-applique. Its easy!  
   spiral copy

Needing some alphabet letters for your project?

alphabet applique printable | patchwork posse #applique #quilting

Alphabet letters for applique

how to mirror your applique tutorial | patchworkposse.com

How to mirror your templates

all about applique- tutorials, templates, tips and more! | patchwork posse

All about Applique- there is a lot of resources here!

For more applique tutorials check out over here.

Do you have a hint for this technique? Let us know in the comments-


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