Embroidery Stitches Chain Stitch Tutorial

Embroidery Stitches can be either simple or hard.  The chain stitch is one of those basic stitches that you can use on whatever embroidery  project you might have going.   Kind of like one of the go-to stitch patterns, the chain stitch is a great one for beginners to start with.

The finished design of the chain stitch is kind of petal like.  It has a loop which is where the next step hooks onto.  If pulled too tight, the loop will be skinny and long.  You will want to practice on the tension to make sure it doesn’t get all bent out of shape.

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Quick How To Embroidery – Chain Stitch:

1) Bring the thread out through your fabric at the start point. Put the needle back in the same spot {or right next to it} and bring it out a little bit away, but don’t pull the needle out completely.

2) Loop the thread around the needle from left to right

3) Pull needle out, only to repeat the first step and then the second

Continue with the 3 steps until you have the length you want.

If you have a hard time keeping the spacing of your chaing stitch, you can lightly mark with a pencil dot on the fabric using a ruler to measure where you want the next loop to be.

You can try out a few other embroidery stitches on this free sampler

embroidery stitches sampler

Do you have a favorite Embroidery Stitch? Which one is it?


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