How to Bind A Quilt – Corners

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How to bind a quilt– corners! Learn how to bind your quilts at the corners of your quilts…the tricky part.

I have seen some wonderful tutorials out there and there is even a series on 7 different ways to bind your quilt {if you sign up for blog updates, you will receive a pdf of all them put together} but there is one part of binding your quilt that I have a problem with and I am thinking there were a few of you out there that might struggle with that little part just like me, so how about a little tutorial on

easy way to bind a quilt

How to bind a quilt– corners!

1) Sew binding along the edge of the quilt and STOP stitching 1/4″ from the corner point

2)  Pull the quilt and the quilt binding out from under the needle- you don’t have to snip your threads- pull the quilt binding 90 degrees to the right

3)  Fold the binding back so the edges meet again on the new edge and put your needle down 1/4″ from the corner {you can’t see it very well below, but the needle is 1/4″ from the top edge}

When you are all done sewing the binding down to the quilt you will pull the binding to the opposite side of the quilt and fold it.  The edge of the binding usually hits just past the stitching line

5)  Fold the other side overlapping the first fold.  The corner should naturally make a miter, but you can force it if you need

You can now go and hand sew the binding down or run another stitch with your machine along the edge of the binding.

This is what the other side of the binding will look like:

There are a few who take a little hand stitches to keep the miter from opening {if you are sewing your binding down by hand, then you can take a couple of stitches when you pass the corner} if you don’t like how it leaves a slight pucker.

Do you have another way that you love to Bind Your Quilt With?

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