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How to Sew Bias Tape- 2 Techniques

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Learn how to sew bias tape, binding or hem tape to your easy sewing projects. These 2 techniques will save you a lot of sewing time!

Since I had that little handy tool and made me some double fold bais tape or binding, I thought a little how to sew bias tape tutorials was in order!

The concept isn’t that hard to understand, I think it’s the steps that are kind of tricky.  To me, there are 2 different ways you can sew the hem tape down.

hem tape techniques

Hem tape can show up in a few different forms-  the one we will be working with today is the double fold.  This means that the sides were ironed to the center and then it was folded in half at the center.  The idea is to tuck your raw edge inside, between the two folds to finish the end.

Whether you make your own binding or hem tape, or purchase it, these 2 techniques will work.  When you make your own, make sure that one of the folds is just a bit longer than the other side.

What does hem tape look like

How to sew bias tape Technique 1:

How to sew Hem Tape

1) Open the hem tape and tuck the raw edge of the fabric until it is flush with the fold.  Place the top back down and pin.

In a pre-packaged tape, there will be one side that is just short of the other side.  You will want to make sure the larger side is on the BOTTOM when you sew.  That way, you when you sew using the top edge as a guide, it will for sure catch the bottom hem.

2)  Pin in a few places so the tucked fabric won’t shift.

3)  Sew right along the edge {make sure the shorter side is what you are sewing}.

4)  Stop with your needle in the down position and re-tuck the fabric again, adjusting and repinning too.

5)  Continue steps 2-5 until the end.

How to sew bias tape Technique 2:

How to sew Hem Tape or Binding

1)  Open the fold.

2)  Open the bottom fold again {you are opening the smaller side}

3)  Place the raw edge of the WRONG side of the fabric with the edge of the opened fold

4)  Pin in place

5)  Sew on the CREASE or fold of the bias tape

6)  Fold the bias tape over the edge and pin in place

7)  Sew right along the edge {you are sewing on the larger side and it will just miss the shorter side that you sewed in step 5}

*Don’t want to use pins? How about these nifty bias or hem clips

Getta Grip Sewing Clips

Do you have a special technique when it comes to sewing hems by machine?


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