disappearing 9 patch quilt block criss cross | patchwork posse
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Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt Block – Criss Cross Cut

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The 9 patch quilt block is seriously one of the most basic and easy quilt block.   Mix it up with a few fun rotary cuts and you have yourself a super quick, simple and easy to sew quilt block!

The world of disappearing quilt blocks is a fun one….today we are going to mix it up with a few extra cuts.

Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt Block– Criss Cross Cut

disappearing 9 patch quilt block criss cross | patchwork posse

Disappearing Quilt Block Instructions:

1)  Sew your 9 patch together.  The squares I used are 5″ X 5″  and are 30’s style of prints.


2)  Cut the block like a standard 9 patch disappearing quilt block.  The cuts will go down the center of the block, up and down and sideways


3)  Here comes the fun— make 4 more cuts.  Take the squares and cut them diagonally from corner to corner— notice the direction they are cut for each section~


4)  Move things around– there are a few options.  Play with it for a bit and then decide your favorite combination


5)  Sew the triangles together again to make a square

6)  Sew the 4 blocks together to make a square again


The block unfinished measured 13″ X 13″  Kind of an ‘off’ size, but if I kept making them they would all be consistent and easy to sew together, so it isn’t too big of a deal.

Are you loving the disappearing quilt blocks?  

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10 thoughts on “Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt Block – Criss Cross Cut

  1. Patricia D. Roberts

    I just love the disappearing nine patch. Now I have the crisscross to try. Thanks.

  2. Becky

    you are welcome! Enjoy!

  3. Leslie

    Hi Becky! Thank you for your efforts on your patterns and this post on disappearing 9 patch blocks! I have a problem….
    This freebie is connected to Craftsy! I signed up prev, but now it does not recognize my account and it will not let me sign up a new account. Is there any way to offer the freebie without attaching to Craftsy?
    Thanks again, Leslie

  4. Kate

    Terrific idea for the disappearing nine patch!

  5. Ellen Patrick

    With the disappearing nine patch, how are you ironing the seams-opened or to one side?

  6. vonnie

    I wish you had pictures of the whole Quilt! Such a pretty block!

  7. SYL

    I like this idea,,,,,,must try it,,,, thanks !!!!!!

  8. Constance

    This is a keeper, I am definitely gonna give it a try!!

  9. Faith

    What is the fabric??…maker and pattern…please. Beautiful!

  10. Cindy Thomas

    Thanks for the pattern . I could not post a picture.

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