Disappearing 9 Patch- Double Twist

Disappearing 9 Patch- Double Twist

This is such a crazy disappearing quilt block.  Didn’t think it could be done any differently than the previous blocks.  The regular disappearing 9 Patch and the disappearing 9 patch- Criss Cross.

Disappearing 9 patch- Double Patch Quilt Block Tutorial | patchworkposse

You will be following the same rules as the original disappearing 9 patch.  Watch for the new step though…..that’s what gives this block and extra little bit of fun.

Materials Needed:

9 — 5″ X 5″ squares

Disappearing 9 patch:  Double Twist Tutorial~

1)  Sew up your 9 patch using the 9– 5″ squares

2)  Cut your 9 patch in half diagonally and horizontally


3)  Take 2 of the blocks and lay together– right sides facing AND the corner blocks will be OPPOSITE each other.


4)  Sew all the way around the block 1/4″ seams


5)  Cut from corner to corner on each block.  You will now have 4 pieces.


6)  Open and iron and repeat with the other pair of squares

7)  Play with your layout with the new squares– there a lot!

9patchdoublecross5 9patchdoublecross6
9patchdoublecross7 9patchdoublecross8

These blocks were a lot of fun to sew up and to play with the layout.  I am working on a few more and soon will have a project to share!

Just in case you are big fan of these…the basics are on a little card that you can keep in your sewing room {and share with others} to remind you of how to cut your blocks.   Print them off here!

Printable Disappearing Quilt Block Reference cards | free | patchwork posse

Disappearing 4 patch 

Disappearing 4 Patch Criss Cross

Disappearing 16 patch

Disappearing pinwheel

Disappearing 9 patch

Disappearing 9 Patch Criss Cross

free disappearing quilt patterns

Have you tried this disappearing quilt block before?

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  1. Liz

    17 September

    I’m interested in playing around with new layouts so will definitely be giving this tutorial a try very soon. Thanks for the cards too.

  2. Andrea

    17 September

    In step 2 shouldn’t that read “cut VERTICALLY and horizontally”? If you cut diagonally, I think you’re going to have a problem!

  3. Dawn

    20 September

    I guess I am old fashioned but I liked it at the beginning and for me it was spoiled with all the cutting etc.

  4. Nini Frank

    27 September

    Perfect, thank you. Been getting a little tired of the old pattern. Have some fabrics I can do this with, can’t wait!

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