Baby Quilt Tutorial – Disappearing 4 Patch

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The Disappearing quilt blocks are a lot of fun.  The four patch is super simple…but what’s different about this one is that you are cutting it in a corner to corner shape….. so you get some fun designs when you put it back together again.

disappearing four patch baby quilt free

finished size: 41″ X 35″ 

The blocks can be made using charm packs and then use larger yardage for the borders.  If you’d like you can increase the amount of blocks than the 12 that I put together.  It’s a bit small– perfect for newborns, but when they get larger you will need a bigger size.

Looking at the baby quilt from farther away I noticed that I placed the colors in order so they show a pattern going diagonally.  You can choose to do more of a scrappy look- depending on the fabric you use.

baby quilt tutorial with disappearing quilt blocks

Materials Needed:

4 patches:

24– 5″ X 5″ dark fabric

24– 5″ X 5″ background fabric

Inner border:

2– 31″ X 2″

2– 26″ X 2 ”
Outer border:

2– 34″ X 4 1/2″

2– 26″ X 4 1/2″

outer border corners: 4– 4 1/2″ X 4 1/2″

free disappearing four patch baby quilt

Disappearing Baby Quilt Tutorial

1)  Following the tutorial for the disappearing four patch quilt block— the criss cross way….sew up a total of 12 —- 8″ X 8″ quilt blocks


2)  Sew the blocks into 3 rows of 4 disappearing blocks

3)  Sew the rows together

4)  Sew the inner border to the quilt top center

5)  Sew two outer squares to the ends of two outer borders

6)  Sew the outer borders to the quilt top center

free baby quilt pattern

7)  Layer with batting and backing and quilt

The sewing cottage is still a bit chilly, so no quilting has been going on.  This will be on my list to do first though because it’s great to have a baby quilt ready to go!

closeup of baby quilt

Need help with a few steps?  Here are extras to help you with Machine Quilting, Binding, and other disappearing quilt blocks including the 9 patch, 16 patch and a couple of criss cross funs!

Check here for more baby quilts and a vintage hankie baby quilt.

free disappearing quilt patterns



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