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This has been a long time coming!

After trying a few different things with emails, pdf files….etc.  I’ve decided to keep everything together in one spot.

This might be a little tricky at first, but you’ll get the hang of it and in the end I’m hoping you’ll love it!

This Library of Quilting Resources is going to be your one top spot for getting those ebooks, pdf’s, sample pages and more! 

No more hunting emails, checking spam or deleting those important emails.

This is it.

One page for all the resources!!!

Here’s what you’ll receive when you join our FREE library:

  • Complimentary sample pages from the Patchwork Planner & Journal
  • A collection of Cheat Sheet for Quilters
  • Mug Rug Ebook- 4 quilting techniques taught while you sew simple mug rugs
  • 5 Round Robin Quilt Patterns- each designed by a collection of quilters and theme
  • Visit again for new additions to the Library, including quilting techniques, quilting 101, cheat sheets, quilt blocks, printables, planners and more to help make quilting easy and fun!
  • Plus, you’ll receive exclusive offers and discounts, freebies and quilting inspiration, including tutorials, weekly!

here is how it works:

1- click the link and drop your email (100% secure)

2- check your email for the info on accessing the page —this is a private page and you’ll need to have the password for access.

3- visit the library of quilting resources page & drop the password in (it keeps you logged in for a couple of days)

4- watch your email for additional offers, discounts and additions to the library page!

Already have the password? Access it here: Quilting Resource Library

What’s coming up for the library:

— orphan quilt block projects ebook : a collection of projects, tutorials and inspiration for using your quilt blocks that are leftover or orphans

— quilting 101 ebook : a variety of articles, how to’s and supplies needed to get your quilting journey started. A great resource for any new quilter or seasoned quilter who needs some brushing up.

— new technique topic ebooks : like quilt as you go, string quilting, applique and more!

They will be coming out in the future (no specific timeline) but you’ll be the first to know about them.

The password will not be changing any time soon, so use it whenever you need access to the page.

I would suggest bookmarking the page and writing the password down somewhere so you don’t forget. 🙂

Forgot your password? I put the password at the bottom of nearly all of my emails. But if you can’t find one of my emails to you, you can either fill out the form above again or email me at patchworkposse@gmail.com

Password Tip: I recommend you copy and paste the password in to avoid any accidental mistakes. If you ever forget your password, please email patchworkposse@gmail.com

Not working? If you enter the password and the same page refreshes, without any contents, that means you put in the wrong password. Double-check your email, copy the password, and paste it in to the link above.

Do you have a suggestion of what topic to add to the library or what you think would be useful for you?


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