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Learning How to Stitch Small Pieces

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This past year has been a little bit of a different year than others.  For some reason I have taken the liking to small.

Small fabric.

Small pieces.

Small patchwork.

Not teeny tiny small, just smaller.

mini sampler block of the month

I’ve always been drawn to dolls and smaller-ish sized things.  This past month we headed out of town for a couple of days and I made everyone take a bit out of their morning to visit the Miniature Doll Museum in Colorado.   It went well….better than I thought.

Really for me, I could have totally stayed there a bit longer, and the house itself was beautiful.

Inside the small houses, were of course small quilts.  Little prints on the walls, little embroideries, and miniature sewing kits.  eep. Too much fun!

mini quilts1 mini sewing2mini sewing3

This comes all the way back to what this past year has been.  In preparing for the Quilt Guild this year, I found that quite a few of the projects had a theme of ‘small’.

There is the mini sampler- featuring 9 small blocks (seen above)….some of them are a bit trickier than the others, but overall it’s not bad for any level of stitcher.

This led on to a sort of obsession of doll quilts.  Which really isn’t totally tiny either- but they are not one quilt block either.  Here’s the broken dishes doll quilt we just finished in January.

broken dishes doll quilt

And a few members who have finished theirs as well and shared in the group:

blue broken dishes doll quiltred broken dishes doll quilt
scrap broken dishes doll quiltteal broken dishes doll quilt

The largest of all these is the Block of the Month just getting started.  It’s featuring 3 small blocks inside the one large one.  It’s not quilted yet (the basement is still on the mends after finding mold throughout. We are currently mudding the walls!  Getting closure! ) so you’ll have to forgive the pictures, but it will give you an idea of what it looks like.

large block of the month

And, yes.

The basket blocks are sideways….. I didn’t notice this until I was uploading the images.  It is what it is at this point.  Good thing I don’t have it all finished with the hanging sleeve sewn on incorrectly.

Yup.  I did that and didn’t notice the house was upside down until like a month after it was hung.  Only was in my house though, no where else- so that’s good.

This year will not be the end of the small or mini though….I’m putting together a few other fun things.  Including a mystery quilt that may, or may not be on the small side. (it’s happening this month!)

So.  If you can relate.  Or, if you are interested in finding out more.  Visit the Quilt Guild site.  It’s where the community of Patchwork Posse is growing….with new members from around the world.  Learn how to stitch a few of these…and prepare your supplies for the others that will be coming along shortly.

If you can forgive me of my imperfections and are ready to explore a little bit and have some fun and connections along the way, then hop on over and join us.

Until then– have one last look at a sneak of maybe another project…..mini sized.



2 thoughts on “Learning How to Stitch Small Pieces

  1. Alys Walker

    “Learning How To Stitch Small Pieces” told about small quilts and showed some, but had no “How To” information. What did I miss?

  2. Becky

    Alys- what a great suggestion! I’ll be putting something together and posting it next week. I have some great tips and hints for making your sewing work when stitching a little smaller.

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