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Printable Disappearing Quilt Block How To’s

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Disappearing Quilt Block printable cards. 9 cards on each page. They show the 4 patch, 9 patch, 16 patch and pinwheel quilt blocks. How to cut and sew them.

It’s been a lot of fun sewing up the magical disappearing quilt blocks.  I kept on mixing up the instructions though.

Which blocks cut which way? How was that again? Whoops…wrong cut!

Having a quick go-to printable is just what I needed to have.  Something I could tuck away and then quickly refer to when I got in a memory bind.


Disappearing Quilt Blocks Included in the printable–

Download the pdf file for this project from my free resource library.

Get the password for the library including this free pattern!

  • 4 patch
  • 9 patch
  • 16 patch
  • pinwheel

Each will have a picture of the block with dotted lines to show you how to cut it once it’s pieced.  Great to keep around your sewing room for quick reference, or even pack a long to sewing days with friends.

Don’t make another bad cut!  Hurry and check the reference card to make sure it’s right the first time.

Printable Disappearing Quilt Block Reference cards | free | patchwork posse

For quick reference here are the posts for each Disappearing Quilt Block tutorial:

disappearing 16 patch quilt block tutorial | patchworkposse

Disappearing Quilt Blocks & Pattern ebook-

free disappearing quilt patterns

There are 9 cards on each page printed— enough to share a few with your other sewing friends!

7 thoughts on “Printable Disappearing Quilt Block How To’s

  1. kitty

    HI becky, How do O get a copy of the disappearing patterns, I cannot download them on my computer only print when there is a print word listed on the page ? I really would like a copy of these patterns. thank you,Kitty

  2. Linda

    How do I print this? I would really like to have it but after two hours trying to download the reference card, I give up! Any assistance would be appreciated

  3. Roxanne

    The Disappearing Quilt Blocks card does not show the cutting lines when I print it. Is it my printer?

  4. Deanna

    I have tried everything but cannot get any place with this. I would love to have the card as I have trouble remembering which way they go also. I have even tried just printing it and nothing. I can’t save it either. Would appreciate some help.

  5. Becky

    the printable version is in my craftsy store. That is where it will be found. Hope that helps! (there is a link to the store on the menu bar)

  6. Brenda

    I was so happy to get this cute helper…AND I did print it from Craftsy store, through a link from Pat Sloan. And NO DOTTED LINES PRINT! None of the cutting lines print. I see others have tole you they have trouble with this…it is not their printer. Please can you inform Craftsy? I would love to use it. And thank you for the reference idea. Brenda

  7. Judy Knox

    I’m a beginner and I’m hoping this will help me get started. I’m a senior (74) and am doing quilt tops for my church to give to different charities. I’ve only done one so far.. just random blocks.. nothing fancy.. but I’m trying to do better things.. Hope you can be some help to me..

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