15+ Disappearing Quilt Patterns

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Have you seen those super fun disappearing quilt blocks? Not sure what to do with them? Here is a collection of 15 disappearing quilt patterns to help you out.

Disappearing quilt blocks are a lot of fun. They are so surprising sometimes— you never really know what the end result is going to be!  Disappearing quilt patterns are even funner!  A lot of them show you how to place your fabric and a few different options for layouts and designs.

free disappearing quilt patterns

If you are ready to relax for a bit and sew up a few simple quilt blocks– like the 9 patch, 4 patch, 16 patch…..then these are for you!  After sewing them up you will be grabbing your rotary cutter and chopping them up into new shapes.  The fun now begins with placement play.

I am pretty sure you will get lost in your sewing room for hours moving, switching, staring and tossing blocks around until you are happy.


Cotton fabric – pick it up at Connecting threads or Fat Quarter Shop

Supplies you may need:

Free Disappearing Quilt Patterns~

Disappearing9PatchBabyQuilt_2  IMG_4040
9 Plus 1 Quilt Tutorial | patchwork posse |easy sewing projects and free quilt patterns fruitslicesquilt1
 004 disappearingquiltpattern
 plaidpatch  abe04-img_7296
 GEDC8077  sample-quilt2
 6a00d83451c99e69e2013488a7a0c6970c-800wi  disappearing_nine_patch_quilt_halloween_4-680x1024
 fp5  ciderrow
 9334579872871dd6967187eaaf8a9dd2  Disappearing Hourglass 2


If you find it hard to remember what block gets what cut….here is a quick pocket card you can print, share and keep handy when you are sewing them up.

free disappearing quilt patterns


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