15+ Quilt As You Go Bags & Pouches Tutorial

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Learn the quilt as you go method while sewing with 15+ super cute bags and pouches tutorial! The quilt as you go method has stolen my heart….and my time!

I love how quick it is and how finished it makes the projects you are sewing up.

This time I thought that having a quick reference place for bags and pouches would be fun.

18 quilt as you go bag & pouch tutorials | patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt tutorials

This size of a quilt as you go project is perfect for giving the technique a try, and even better for all the little bits of fabric you have hanging around in your sewing area!

All of the projects are in tutorial style and are free….that’s even better!

If you need extra help with the technique-  Quilt as you Go Tutorial.

Quilt As You Go Bags & Pouches Tutorial~

quiltasyougobag1Zipper Pouch Tutorial using the quilt as you go techinque | patchwork posse #freepattern #zipperpouch #quiltasyougo
quiltasyougo-envelope-pouchsewing needle case tutorial / patchwork posse
quiltasyougobag3 quiltasyougobag6
quiltasyougobag4 quiltasyougobag7
 quiltasyougobag8 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
 quiltasyougobag10 quiltasyougobag11
 quiltasyougobag12 quiltasyougobag14

If you love the quilt as you method and are ready for maybe something a bit bigger……here ya go:


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