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Round Robin #3 Row Quilt Finishing Up

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All good things must come to an end. I really have enjoyed this quilt– just like the other ones. And the designers have come up with som super cute rows!

I appologize for having issues with the dates {seems this should have been up on the 22nd- where is my brain?} and sending out reminders, and you running over to see something new and the screen is blank. I have turned that off– not the brain, just the emails. and hopefully my act is together and they will actually co-ordinate together the info. 

For finishing up, it really is simple.  Please don't over-think this process.  To break it down- you find the longest row and then use that measurement for all the other rows.  Not too terrible. {it's not}


There was only one row that I actually removed something and that was the longest row of flying geese!  Because all the other rows were relitively close in size they were very easy to add too.

I added a stop border and then did a scrappy pieced border on the outside.  Not too extroindary, but it works for the quilt.  If you have any other ideas and want to do something totally different- hey. Go for it.

I did make one mistake on adding with the applique flowers. I put one piece on either side, when I should have added the spacer to one side and then sewn another flower on! Oh, how hindsight is better. lol I have a few quilts for someone to get done and then this goes on!  I am excited to see what comes of the quilting.

Winner of the Giveaway—

Free Workshop is dkg

Thanks for the designers again for doing a great job!

Carrie from Cricket Studio

Joy from Joy's Quilts

Robin from Robin Quilts

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