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Crochet Cowl Pattern

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The weather around here has been so crazy. Warmer than usual but the evenings and mornings are pretty chilly.
I have this thing for scarfs and cowls.

free crochet cowl pattern
This crochet cowl is really simple. You crochet in a circle and use an extra large needle so the stitches are big and kind of stretchy.
You can decide on the size of the circle and test it before you start crocheting crazy.  You don’t want to end up with a tiny circle that will not go over your head…or something totally baggy– unless that is the look you are going for.

crochet large hook

Materials Needed:

Chunky Yarn

Crochet Hook N or a big one

learn how to crochet a cowl.  Simple and cute

Crochet Cowl Pattern

1)  Start your chain stitch and do 45-50 chains.  Try this on when you get to 45 and make adjustments if you’d like now to the length

chain stitch 50 times

2)  Untwist your large snake and do a slip stitch to connect the ends.  (if you’d like you can crochet a large rectangle and then connect later if you’d like)

3)  Chain 3 stitches

4)  Double Crochet in the next spot and continue with the double crochet all the way around the circle

5)  Each time you get to the end you will want to repeat step 3 and then continue with step 4

ending the loop

6)  Continue the double crochet stitch until the height you’d like has been reached.  I repeated for 5 rows.  I actually ran out of yarn so that is where it had to end.

7)  Tuck your yarn tail when you are finished.

I do love this though!  It’s the perfect height– can wear it all the time.  Doesn’t get in the way and it is so warm!

how to crochet a cowl tutorial

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