Raw Edge Applique How to – Video

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This is what raw edge applique looks like– it’s a stitch that is just next to the fabric.

raw edge applique cactus in pot

It holds is secure and in place on the background, but it is not protecting those edges.  This means that with use the edges will get a little fuzzy and pull up just a little.

This is a very forgiving way to applique– and kind of fun!

Visit here for another step by step for raw edge applique.

raw edge applique with video tutorial

How to Raw Edge Applique~

1- trace your template onto the heatnbond (I like this product the best!)

2- follow the instructions for the fusible and fuse to the wrong side of the fabric

3- cut out your pieces

4- lay in the order you like on your background fabric

5- remove the paper and fuse in place

6- stitch with a dark thread on the top and bobbin 1/8″ from the edge of the fabric piece

7- repeat with a second stitch

How to use Fusible Applique Tutorial.

How to layer your applique

For some fun projects and tutorials using raw edge–

No Sew Banner with Star

What does a fox say –pillow with applique

Valentine Applique for fun projects

Strawberry table topper quilt

Nautical Pillow

Christmas Tree Pillows

Owl Pillow

Matching tea towels

Here are a few other ways to explore for finishing your applique edges.

What kind of hints do you have to share for the raw edge applique technique?


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