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Ways to finish your applique edges

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What happens with your applique edges?!  This is one of those things where I have to think about the project and everything to decide what kind of applique edge I will be doing to finish the project.

There are a few different ways to do it and they vary from machine to hand work.  All of them I have used…but I do have a favorite.  The raw edge applique is kind of the one I use a lot.  I’m sort of lazy and like to be finished with the project.

I don’t have the talent of patience and really to just run it under the machine and be done is golden for me.

ways to finish your applique edges - button hole, raw edge, whip stitch, satin stitch and more!

Applique Edges & Finishes~

whipstitch how to - sew by hand. Great for a whimsy look!

Whip stitch –

This is somewhat similar to raw edge applique.  You aren’t too worried about the edges and yes there is a possibility of them fraying a little bit.  You will want to use a fusible under the fabric so it helps keep it secure to the fabric.   This method is really done by hand.  The sewing machine isn’t going to give you the mix of lengths and widths like your handwork.  It’s very UNstructured and perfect.

button hole easy embroidery stitch - sew by hand and have a nice finished applique edge

Button Hole –

This can be done either by hand or machine.  There are a few sewing machines that don’t offer this stitch, so just be aware of that when you are purchasing a sewing machine.

Button hole Tutorial – by hand

How to sew applique with a satin stitch / #applique

Satin Stitch –

Depending on how close your stitch is this could also be considered either a satin stitch or a regular zig zag stitch.  You can have a lot of control with this stitch with your sewing machine.  Play with the depth of the stitch as well as how close the stitches are.  Depending on those settings you can chose not to use a fusible.  A quick tack with glue stick will keep it in place until you secure it with the stitching.

Satin Stitch Applique Tutorial

layer and stitch raw edge - great applique edge tutorial. Love the raveled look

Raw Edge –

This is a super simple way to applique edges.  You just follow along the edge and stitch.  Can be 1/4″ from the edge or right along it.  Use a black thread and go over it a few times for a more loose and whimsy look.

Raw edge applique tutorial 

reverse applique tutorials - how to plus projects to practice on

Reverse Applique –

This is thinking a little bit backwards, but it’s still a kind of applique you can finish your edges with.  It’s where the fabric on the top is cut to reveal fabric underneath– and it’s the top fabric that is raw edged..or finished off with a button hole or zig zag/satin stitch.

Reverse Applique tutorial

Button Hole Applique – by hand

No sewing machine required.  Use needle and thread and the button hole stitch to finish the raw edges of your applique piece.  Simple to do and gives the edges a very nice finished look.

Button Hole Applique- by hand

Button Hole Stitch by sewing machine

Using your sewing machine can make the process of finishing the applique edge quick and easy.  Play with your machines settings to find the one that you like the best, then stitch your pieces down.

Button Hole stitch by sewing machine

Do you have a favorite method for finishing your edges on applique?


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    My favorite is also the raw edge. I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow evening that features your post: –Anne

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