Boat Embroidery Stitched Pillow tutorial with pleated sides
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Nautical Pillow Pattern

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This pillow might look a little complicated, but you’ll find it’s not!  The pleated edges surrounding the center stitching is folded….easy to do!

Trace the drawing onto your fabric and then thread draw on top with a dark thread.  The lines won’t be perfect, but that is the whole idea around the design.  Add a little bit of fabric for raw edge applique.

Boat Embroidery Stitched Pillow tutorial with pleated sides

finished size: 14″ X 15″ 

You can finish this pillow in an afternoon….. and then it’s time to toss it on the porch and relax!

Materials Needed:

1/4 yard front of pillow

1/4 yard back of pillow

fabric scraps- boat, flowers and flag

stitching background- 9″ X 9″ + same size stabilizer if needed

heat n bond lite fusible

pillow form or polyfil stuffing

Nautical Template— download template here!

nautical pillow tutorial with raw edge applique and thread drawing.

Nautical Pillow Pattern~

Center Block:

1)  Trace the stitching onto the pillow center background

2)  Trace and cut out applique pieces for boat, flowers and flag- fuse in place

3)  Using dark thread and a walking foot on your sewing machine, stitch the applique 1/8″ seam (raw edge applique)

4)  Continue stitching on top of the drawn lines.  It’s just fine if you don’t follow them directly or have to go over them a couple of times.  This is a loose way of quilting and isn’t exact.  Also- don’t stitch everything that is drawn. Pick out a few waves and objects to stitch.  This will keep the pillow basic and not too busy of a pattern.

5) Trim center to 9″ X 7″

Pillow Tutorial:

1) Cut 2 strips from pillow front 7″ X 15″

2)  Sew these strips to either side of the center block

3)  Fold the right side strip 3 times towards the center and pin in place

4)  Iron and stitch the edge 1/8″ seam to secure

5)  Fold the left side strip 2 times towards the center and pin in place

6)  Iron and stitch the edge 1/8″ seam to secure

7)  Trim this center piece to 14″ X 15 1/2″

8)  Cut 2 pieces for the borders: 15 1/2″ X 4 1/2″

9)  Sew these strips to the top and bottom of the center piece

Pillow Back:

1)  Cut your backing:   10 ” x 14″ and 11 1/2″ X 14″

2) Hem along the 11 1/2″ edge

3)  Overlap the pieces and adjust to measure 15 1/2″ X 14″ –hem should be in the middle of the pillow

4)  Layer front and backside of pillow. Pin along the sides

5)  Sew all the way around the pillow, trim corners, turn right sides out

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  1. Patricia Cash

    Cute, thank you!

  2. Sara Laney

    Thanks for sharing such a cute pattern. Would love to make it on long weekends!

  3. Magic linen

    Thank you for the photo, my daughter is just delighted with these pillowcases. I even think about giving her old bedding sets to do something like this for herself. Thanks for sharing!

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