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Button Hole Stitch Around Applique Video Tutorial

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Learn how to button hole stitch – great for finishing your applique. Simple to learn and sew! Video tutorial will show you how.

The button hole stitch is a great stitch for finishing off your applique.  Whether the applique has a raw edge or a finished edge– it doesn’t really matter.

This hand stitch is a great way to keep all the look edges together, and is easy to take with you and stitch on the go.

Button hole stitch on applique, by hand

Materials Needed:

DMC floss (or your favorite applique thread)  In this video I used 2 strands of floss


Button Hole Stitch Tutorial:

1- start with your needle and thread coming out along the outside edge of the applique shape

2- take your needle down inside the applique –this will determine your stitch depth, so make this consistent with each stitch

3- wrap your thread around to the back of your needle — if you don’t do this your stitch will not stay and disappear to the backside!

4- pull your thread to tighten the stitch

5- repeat stitches 2-4 keeping them consistent in length and depth

Here’s a Video to help you see it in action:

Button hole stitch

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