How to Applique Raw Edge Technique Tutorial

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Raw edge applique is a great way to quickly stitch down your applique. The raw edge will ravel a bit with use. Super cute and simple, plus a video to help.

Since I have been doing the Foxie Adventure Quilt… love for raw edge applique has grown! I love this process.

Snipping small bits of fabric into shapes, glueing them in place and using black thread double stitching to finish it off.  The look is whimsy, fun, relaxed and I simply love it!

I thought a little How to applique Tutorial would be helpful so you can enjoy the process too.

raw edge applique technique, tutorial and video. I love this method of applique! So easy and simple to do.

How to Raw Edge Applique:

Step 1)  Cut out the templates and place on fabrics you have chosen.  Cut those pieces out.

Step 2)  Lay those pieces down on your background square and move them around to get them in their correct positions.

Step 3)  Using Black thread both in the bobbin and the top –You don’t want those little white dots to show up on the right side of the block!  Also– use a smaller stitch length, around a 2 so that you can menuever easier.  the pieces aren’t that big so a smaller stitch length gives you more control.

Step 4)  Stitch once all the way around the object.  If there are little parts — like the arms, skirt, tail tip, things like that- stitch across them and then back again.  This will get both of the stitch lines done and you can continue around the shape.  When you get to the end of the shape- repeat {but don’t stitch again on those parts that you have already double stitched}

Step 5)  When you are done– go back and stitch those parts that weren’t possible to stitch before.  In the example above it would be the gift boxes in their arms.


You are finished!  How easy is that?!

Here’s a quick video to show you Raw Edge Applique in action:


How to use Fusible Applique Tutorial.

How to layer your applique


Raw edge applique is a great way to quickly stitch down your applique. The raw edge will ravel a bit with use. Super cute and simple, plus a video to help.

For some fun projects and tutorials using raw edge–

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Strawberry table topper quilt

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Owl Pillow

Matching tea towels

Here are a few other ways to explore for finishing your applique edges.

What kind of hints do you have to share for the raw edge applique technique?


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  • Sandy

    I like this – thanks for sharing! Where do you find patterns or ideas for this? Do you use things like a colouring book?

    I have this on my embroidery machine, but I still haven’t got the hang of it yet.


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