hot pad and matching towel tutorial
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Matching Towell and Hotpad Tutorial

I had signed up for the Easter Swap {you’ll see what I recieved later on} and while making my little gift I thought it would be a perfect tutorial to share!


You can whip a few of these up for showers, presents or hey….if you are a hoarder, I mean lover, of your own handmade goods then keep them!

Materials needed:

* 2 kitchen towells

* Scraps of Cotton for Applique

* Hot Pad Batting

* Black thread for applique stitch painting

Kitchen Towell~

1)  Cut out some shapes– flowers, birds…whatever for your applique.

2)  Glue with glue stick or pin in place

3)  Using BLACK thread on the top– stitch in place.  Go around the edges so they secure the applique, and then add some funky stitching wherever.  Legs for birds, flower stems…get the idea?

4)  You are done!

Hot Pad~

1)  Cut 1 rectangle from the second towell.  Size:  8″ X 16″   **Make sure when cutting, you don’t include the outside hems.  They are too bulky and need to cut off before cutting.

2)  Cut 1 square  6″ X 8″  Making sure that the 8″ EDGE HAS A HEM!!!  WE WILL BE USING THIS for the hand pocket!

3)  Cut a 3″ HEM part.  This little strip will be used as a hanger for the hotpad. slick huh??!

4)  Cut hot pad batting into a 8″ X 8″ piece

** Sew your applique piece on one side of the long rectangle.

5)  Lay the pieces down like this~  right sides up big rectangle with the pocket piece on the opposite side of the applique.  The hem that was on the one edge should be in the middle area. See it?~

6) Fold the applique part on top of the opposite side. Right sides together. 

7) Fold that little hem piece you are using for a hanger in 1/2 and pin in one corner.

8) Lay the hot pad batting down on top of everything.

9) Sew all the way around the outside edge and leaving a 2 1/2″ opening for turning.

10) Snip the corners and turn right sides out. 

11) Fold the raw edges of the turning hole in and iron.  Sew all the way around the hotpad twice.


Notice I probably didn’t pin the pocket in place well enough so it has slumped a little bit. I also forgot the hanging tag until after it was done… with the raw edge applique I think it looks ok. hee hee

Here’s a quick look at what Ruth sent me for the Jewells Easter swap! Love them ~~ thanks Ruth!!

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  1. Jan Squires

    cute project…affordable and quick.

  2. Francisca Vasquez

    Thank you. I just love your patches and designs.Thanks again. Fran.

  3. whosies

    thank fran 🙂

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