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Echo Machine Quilting- How to

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Machine quilting can be a challenge.  Especially if you are using your standard sewing machine.  I used mine for years for all machine quilting projects before I got the ‘screaming banche’. Sometimes, a simple echo quilting is needed though.  Nothing fancy. Just some straight lines.

echo quilting tutorial | patchwork posse

Echo quilting comes in handy when you are wanting a modern look.  Clean lines.  It also comes in handy when quilting a stitchery or emboidered quilt block.

echo quilting how to | patchwork posse

 (pillow with a few echo quilting lines)

What is Echo Quilting? This method of quilting is when you simply outline the quilt block shapes or embroidery.  You keep outside the shape lines and repeat with additional quilting spaced out equally.  You don’t need to come up with a fancy quilting pattern, you simply follow the shapes and designs that are in the block already.

How to Echo Machine Quilt:

1)  Pick your thread.  This is a great opportunity to step outside of your little comfort zone and find something fun and quirky.  Pick a co ordinating color….or something that pops. Don’t be afraid to step out and try something new.  You might really be surprised at how much you like it! If you are thinking that you want your quilting to kind of dissapear…. then use a matching thread with your BACKGROUND fabric.  This is where the echo stitch will be, so match that.

2)  Decide how far apart you want your quilting stitches/lines you want to be from each other.  To start off the quilting, I chose a 1/4″ space.  It was easy to space visually.  If you are thinking you’d like to space it differently, then use a marking system.

echo quilting tutorial | patchwork posse

(a couple of echo stitches, with a few swirls to fill in the space)

Few ideas for marking where to quilt:

* chalk and ruler>  Line up your spacing and draw with the fabric chalk your quilting line.  Repeat until you are pleased with the number of echo stitchings.

* dissappearing quilt marker>  Using the same method as above with the ruler, mark your quilting stitch line

* tape and ruler> Cut the tape in the legnth you need and place on the quilt.


(echo line on the vine and round the leaves- then filled in with shells)

When you have stitched that spot, move it to the next space and continue on. All of these things take a little bit of practice and tweaking.  Try something new or reach out to your quilting friends and find out what they use.

 echo quilting tutorial | patchwork posse

(echo quilting around the embroiery)

Because a lot of my quilting is freeform, with no template or groovy board, I don’t get consistant spacing, and it’s not perfect.  I use the foot of the quilting machine to help gauge the distance between the quilting lines. I don’t mark or measure off— I just go for it!

I do like using the echo though to make sections of the quilt ‘pop’.  The closer the echo is to each other the more consendenced the fabric and anything around it NOT quilted will poof out.  Almost like a trupunto style.

What kind of hints do you have for echo quilting?

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