Microwave Projects you can Sew

There is nothing fun about getting burned.

I have to admit that I’m a little afraid of my oven.  Not the biggest fan of the racks, heat and that big door that seems to jump at my elbows when ever it can!

No matter how many times I use it I always forget that it’s hot.  The steam always rushes to my face….. yeah. Not the smartest when it comes to cooking.

The microwave…..while I don’t use it as much as the oven, it can be a little deceiving.  There is no red glowing light letting us know- hey that’s kind of hot!

There is not a red coil when heating and a glow from the broiler.

Because of this, many times we forget that— darn it, it’s hot in there!

Those bowls get hotter than the food in the bowl!

There are a few microwave sewing projects that I love and use all time…as well as a few projects to help keep our little fingers safe from blisters and deceiving hot plates.

microwave sewing projects - toasty food not fingers. Quick projects - great for beginners too!

Microwave Projects you can Sew– so you won’t burn your fingers~

microwave bowl potholder

Microwave Bowl

how to sew a microwave potato cooker bag

Microwave Potato Cooker

hot pad tutorial_thumb

Hot Pad Tutorial


Pot Holder


Two handed Pot Holder

oven mitt tutorial

Oven Mitt Tutorial

Looking for more sewing projects for your kitchen?  Take a look here:

sewing project for your kitchen time to make it look cute

Kitchen Sewing Projects

What kind of projects do you sew?


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