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How to Read a Crochet Grid

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If you are just beginning crochet– the charts and patterns can be a bit tricky and overwhelming.  I really love using crochet patterns that show it in a diagram or crochet grid style.  They are easy to read once you understand a few of the terms.

how to use a crochet grid

I find that I might have to read and reread a few of the instructions when only the words are shared.

Each symbol refers to a specific crochet stitch. Crochet symbols are universal, that means they refer to the same stitches everywhere around the globe. That way one can use Japanese crochet patterns without being able to understand a single word Japanese.  I love that about sewing and crochet and even knitting!  We all speak the same language.

 crochet coffee cozy pattern

Above is the pattern that this crochet grid refers to.  It’s a coffee cup cozy.  Super simple and a great project to start with.

Below you see the crochet chart for that swatch and below that a stitch guide for the different crochet symbols that are included in the stitch chart. In this example chains, single crochets and double crochets were used.

crochet slip 1

Beginning row is always a chain stitch.  The guide above shows that you will have 13 chain stitches

Row 1:  Your first stitch will be a chain stitch.  The rest of the stitches in the row are single crochet stitches

Row 2:  First stitch is a chain, the rest are single crochet stitches

Row 3:  First stitch is a chain, the rest are single crochet stitches

Hope this helps you in your crochet journey!

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