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Quilt As You Go Hot Pad Pattern – raw edge technique!

Quilt as you go is such a quick and awesome way to whip up a project!  This quilt as you go hot pad pattern is the easiest thing to make.  Not a fan of the corner finger pockets? Leave them out.  You can quickly sew these up in around 30 minutes.  Seriously.

I kind of like my hot pads to be a little thicker- don’t like to burn my hands, so for this tutorial I made them double sided.  Each side of the hot pad has it’s own batting.  You could use the insul bright batting, but I figured 2 pieces was fine.  Feel free to make adjustments if you’d like.

I also don’t love my fingers to pop out of the ends when I grab something- so I put little triangle pockets on opposite corners.  My hand isn’t so large, so next time I would make them a little bit bigger- by my thumb can go into one of them at least.

hot pad tutorial with raw edge quilt as you go

Materials Needed:

2– 7 1/2″ X 7 1/2″ batting per hot pad

fabric strips -follow the tutorial here for more info

2 — 3″ X 3″ for corner finger pockets

1″ X 30″ binding strip

quilt as you go hot pad pattern - using raw edge technique. Super simple and great for random fabric!

Quilt as you Go Hot Pad Pattern – Raw edge technique~

quilt as you go raw edge materials

1)  Cut batting 7 1/2″ X 7 1/2″  ( you might want to check this measurement against the size that you like. Your hand might be too small or large- make your adjustments now)

2)  Following the quilt as you go raw edge technique – cover the top of one side

raw edge quilt as you go
layer and stitch raw edge

3)  Trim the whole block to 7″ X 7″

trim the block

4)  Lay Wrong Sides Together and pin or pinch in place with clips

place two layers together

5)  Stitch all the way around the square to secure

6) Fold in a diagonal and iron to crease.  Place one triangle in each corner opposite each other.  Stitch in place or pin in place.

fold the corners

7)  Cut a binding fabric 1″ X 30″

fold the binding in half

7)  Fold binding in half- wrong sides facing and iron

8)  Place the hot pad in between the binding piece and pin or secure with clips

clip the binding to the edge

9)  Stitch twice around the hot pad 1/8th inch from edge

10)  Repeat with a second stitch

11)  Rub the raw edges of the binding and the strips in the hot pad to make them ravel just a bit

corners for fingers

Close up of the raw edges

how to quilt as you go raw edge

Extra Materials I mention:

Wonder red clips (love these!)

Clover Hem Tape Maker – don’t love the raw edge binding? Give this a try.

Visit here for more quilt as you go projects.

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  1. Norma

    Hi. I’d like to make these as they do look easy to make. I did notice that tutorial link for the fabric strips is not there. Can you update that or email and let me know which link you’re using please?


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