My New Sewing Cottage

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Let me tell you that the last week and this one has been filled with a few beads of sweat– no worries, fabric wasn't around to drip on–

a few tears. when can i put my arms down from caulking the whole fipping room 3 times?

some giggles– that always happens when i work along with the honey.

the best of all– some wonderful ideas that I get to work on and finish…… and enjoy.

This is all about my Sewing Cottage. Total size of the cottage— 10 feet by 15 feet.   I can have my big machine on one end and then tables…storage…. normal walls!  A quiet place to escape. {yes, those are antlers on the front}  It steps down inside 4 steps so it is much cooler in there than the outside– perfect for the summer heat I tell ya.  {not sure what it will do in the winter. tackle that when we get there}.  There are 2 small wood windows to let some breeze through– and now there are 4 lights and 4 plugs.

Shall i give you a bit of background.  This little cottage straddles the property line between the home and the duplex.  It has been full of carpet for who knows how many years {1 big 45 foot roll + a small remnant store} and 90 yards of padding….totally upset that wasn't batting. hee hee. 

We thought hey– this is great for storage.  Then no. too many spiders…then hey I want it for my sewing room.  What? that's right. My own little studio.  I don't mind the spiders. Really. 

After a few convincing conversations with the honey he caved.  I got what I want — and with the honey all paranoid about 'others' coming into the cottage and saying– you sew in this?  He has helped me clean it up and get it ready. 


This was sooo yucky!  There was a dust fog hovering over the grass outside the door. 

This is what it looked like after everything was torn down—


I am in the painting step {it never ends!} with some water proofer– just in case this cottage starts behaving like the basement in the home.

Mind you we are still sleeping on a blow up mattress.  No personal belongings have arrived yet {including the sewing room}…..

I have to apologize to the children on taking the honeys time to help me finish a spot for me and my sewing… and not working on their own rooms.  but you know. I have priorities– and right now they are landing in the sanity spot.

More photos later as the cottage progresses!

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