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Fabric Cone Pattern

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Fabric Cone Pattern – simple to make !  Great for any holiday and you can embellish them if you’d like!  The edging is cut with pinking shears and there is very little sewing.

This would be a fun project for the kids to make for teachers or fun Valentines.

These were sewn up with Valentine fabric, but I’m thinking a cute green and red would make perfect Christmas fabric cones as well.

The fabric has been sewn with a sew-in soft interfacing.  This stuff really is great to work with.  It gives the fabric just the right amount of stabilization it needs to keep it’s shape and not be all floppy.

Even when it hangs, the interfacing keeps the shape and the ric rac straps aren’t pulling in.

Materials Needed:

8″ X 8″ fabric- outside

8″ X 8″ fabric – lining

8″ X 8″ stitchnsew Woven Sew-in Soft

ric rac or ribbon 17″ long

Fabric Cone Pattern:

1) Layer the outside, interfacing, and lining together- wrong sides will be facing the interfacing 2)  Mark on two sides 4″ from the corner 3)  Slip the end of the ric rac and pin in place where the mark is– repeat for the other side

4)  Sew all the way around the square 1/4″ seam

5)  Trim the edges with pinking shears

6)  Fold the square in half diagonally- forms a triangle. Notice that the ric rac line up.

7)  Sew along this edge

8)  Turn right sides out and push the point out

9)  Stuff with candy, love notes or whatever!

These can hang anywhere and really any time during the season.  Hand on your front door, on a mantle or on the wall.

Sew a few up for each holiday-– who doesn’t love a little bit of candy during the year?!

If you’d like– you can embellish them like these hearts, add some buttons, yo yo’s, ruffles… explore a bit.  Because these aren’t washed it would be fun to add paper to the mix as well.

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