Valentine Pattern Pouch and Envelope

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valentine pouch

Valentine Pattern Pouch and Envelope

Today is the special– L O V E — day!!  It’s a great day for a free pattern too!

valentine pouch

Materials needed:

felt: 2– 14″ X 7 1/2″

cotton lining: 2– 14″ X 7 1/2″

zipper- 7″

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Zipper pouch:

Using 1 of each 14″ X 7 1/2″ lining and outside lay right sides facing out {wrong sides together}

Sew zipper on ends– this will end up to be a tube


Envelope pouch:

Using 1 of each 14″ X 7 1/2″ lining and outside lay right sides facing out {wrong sides together}

Measure and mark the center of one end.  Measure 3″ from the top edge to each side- mark

Cut from center to mark on side, repeat for other side

valentine pouch

Sew top edge {pointed one} and the bottom edge {straight} –the sides will be sewn later

Bag Instructions:

Mark with chalk on the outside of the envelope flap


Open zipper and line up the drawn line, just below the zipper

The right side front of zipper pouch will be touching the right side of the envelope pouch.  The point will be loose and past the zipper.

Sew on this line right below the zipper of the other pouch.  This is kind of tricky, keep you needle down when making any adjustments.  You will be moving part of the tube out of the way while sewing.


Fold the envelope pouch up, lining up with the sewn line

Make sure the zipper is at the top of the pouch

Pin sides together, tucking the ends of the zipper in

Sew down each side – you can leave the bottom unsewn.  You will be sewing through the sides of both pouches

The bottom of folds of the pouches will be on the bottom


Sew on heart applique at the end of the envelope flap point

Sew on a snap closure

valentine pouch

Fill with Valentines & Chocolate….. of course


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