Valentine heart pillow tutorials | #valentines #heart #pillowtutorial
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20+ Heart Pillows for Valentines

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This year I am just a bit ahead of myself with Valentines.  I made this Valentine pillow (using a quilt block I had from before)— and I have a cute little basket full of little heart pillows all piled together.

Pillows are a great way to decorate for Holidays.  They are simple and quick and if you make it a removable pillow cover, you can quickly trade them out and then store the covers.  I have a few more pillows in the room– this year I started with just a bolster pillow.

Valentine heart pillow tutorials | #valentines #heart #pillowtutorial

There is some fun pillows in this collection– pillows, embroidery, machine pieces, pom poms…. you name it.  I’m pretty sure that you can find a few in here that would work for you.

20+ Pillows for Valentines

heartpillowimageHeart Pillow Tutorial #valentines #easysewingproject Patchwork Posse
 valentine_pillow_3 Valentine+Throw+Pillow+7
full_8067_83165_SequinedHeartPillow_1 DIY-Embossed-Pillow
 full_2829_4758_FlourishingHeartPillowPincushion_2 full_8882_43990_CandyHeartsPillowPincushionOrnament_4
 heart-pom-pom-pillow-cover heartstrings
 lovenotepillows 036 DIY_Glitter_Sequin_Metallic_Heart_Pillow21
 La-la-love-you-pillow-DIY-Make-Life-Lovely DSC_0071
 love Vday Banner & Pillows 5
 pocketpillow6 quiltedpillow

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  1. Amy Huntley

    Super cute round up of valentine pillows.

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