Heart Pin Tutorial

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I sewed up a few new items for Art Market this weekend— it is the Valentines show.  So, let’s face it. My stuff doesn’t sell at these very well {dolls, stuffed animals} So, I thought I would try to sew up a few hearty things.

Plus, Angie had this monster roll of black interfacing {used for collars– non fusible} and i decided to take one home with me.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!!  It is firm…but not too overbearing. + the little black showing on the side is kind of fun.  I used it in between the layers and it totally helped it not pucker, lay flat without ironing the heck out of it or get all messed up.

If you run into this stuff–snatch it up and give it a try.

Materials needed:

scraps, more scraps…maybe a ufo block

linen or scraps for the back


black interfacing {or not}

And, just for fun i’ll share a quick tutorial on the heart pin.

1) Rumble through your scraps and find some background — i used a 2 1/2″ strip from a jelly roll….the leftover ends

2)  Cut into a circle.  Mine is just under 2 1/2″ circle.  If you don’t like eyeballing your cuts, find something round and trace it on the back of the fabric. then cut out on the line. Easy!

3)  Draw a heart that will fit inside the circle.

4)  Cut a heart {using the template from step 3} from a cutter quilt, or a ufo quilt block….of something pieced looking.

5) Sew with black thread a couple of times around the heart– don’t worry about perfect edges or stitches, or following the same line.

6)  Place the top onto the back and sew with black thread around in a circle.

7)  Stitch a pin onto the back or maybe a hair clippie would be cute too.


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