Hand Binding Video Tutorial

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Watch the video to learn hand binding! You’ll even pick up some hints on getting that corner to miter. Perfect every time.

Today for the video I thought I would share with you how to hand bind your quilt.

It’s not the fastest binding on the planet….but it sure does make your quilt binding look nice.

What you don’t see in the video— how to make your binding.  If you are stuck at that point or interested in how that is done- visit the make your binding tutorial.

I tried to have the video show up super close to the binding, which is a little tricky when you are straddling the camera, so it jumps off at a few points…but there is enough that you can see the process.

You’ll even get a close up of what happens when you get to the corner.  It makes a perfect miter too!

To start ya off — here is the video:

Materials Needed:

binding & quilt

needle and thread

wonder clips – these are the best and oh so handy!  They don’t get in the way and hold your binding while you sew in the perfect spot.

How to Hand Bind~

1- make your binding (tutorial here!)

2- sew your binding to the front of the quilt using your sewing machine


3- fold the binding over to the wrong side and hand stitch down



Have any tricks that you use for hand sewing your binding onto your quilts?


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