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Double Fold Hem or Binding – Video

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The double fold hem is super simple.  It’s great for finishing up baby blankets, double gauze blankets, napkins, bags…whatever!

The idea is to fold the hem twice to hide the raw edge.  No raveling with wear.  Gives a nice finished edge.

Double Fold Hem Video

Steps for the hem:

1- Fold the edge over 1/4″

2- Fold the edge over again another 1/4″

3- Stitch along the edge of the hem to secure

4- Corners— fold the corner point up, diagonally.  Then fold the new edge 1/4″ and again 1/4″.  The last fold should make a miter corner if it’s correct.

Why use this kind of hem?

mitered corner- these are so nice and really aren’t that hard to do

finished edge – looks professional

no raw edges- the project will wear better. No raveling along the raw edge

add additional embellishments– the edge after if it hemmed can then be embellished.  Add pom poms (like the project in the video) or ribbon or lace.

double fold hem baby blanket made with double gauze fabric. video tutorial on how to do it!

Looking for projects to use this on?

Simple Napkins

What kind of projects do you use the double fold hem on?


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