How To Sew Your Bias Strips Together – Quilt Binding

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Learn how to sew your bias strips together to reduce seam bulk and bumps. Great for binding strips, borders or sashing.

There are times when you get tired of sewing over the major speed bump in your sewing road– where all the seams line up and there is nothing but bulk.

Darn if all the seams on the binding don’t end up together somehow and usually at the corners!  Did you know this can be avoided?

Sewing your strips together on an angle will help you get that seam spread out….meaning less bulk and bump!

How to sew strips together to reduce seam bulk | patchwork posse

This comes handy when you are sewing on binding.  This is where I run into problems with a lot of bulk and bumps.

You can also use this method for sashings or borders.  Same steps, just might be a larger strip.

1)  Mark with a pencil the same length as the strip.  In this case my strips were cut 2 1/2″ inches, so my mark on the strip will be the same as this.


2)  Draw a line connecting the mark with the corner of the strip


3)  Place the piece with the marked line on top of the next strip, right sides facing


4)  Sew just outside of the line

5)  Fold back the strip to make sure everything is right.  Cut the extra fabric 1/4″ past the seam


If using this for binding, you will notice that when you fold the trip in half, the seam will be offset.  This is why sewing it this way reduces your bulk.


** Be aware of your fabric print and pattern.  The seam will be at a diagonal, making the pattern not line up.  Audition your fabric before you start this process to make sure it’s what you’d like it to look like.

Need help making your own binding?  

Learn how to cut your strips at an angle— or bias so it goes around curves beautifully.

bias hem tape maker tutorial. Make your own hem or binding /


What tricks do you have for reducing seams and bumps in the road?

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