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Binding a Quilt with the Backing Fabric – Video

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Binding a Quilt with the backing fabric is a great way to get projects done quickly.

Sometimes I just don’t want to spend the time and energy on a binding.  Or I am in a rush to get a project done.

I know it’s not the best in the quilting world to bind your quilts from the backing fabric….but I do it.

Today in the video I’ll show you how to use the backing fabric for your binding.

We’ll talk about how to fold it over properly…and how to get a mitered corner!

binding a quilt with the backing fabric is simple and quick. the video will show you how.

Binding a Quilt with the Backing Fabric~

1- make sure your backing fabric is larger than the quilt top by at least 2″

2- trim your batting to the edge of the quilt top

3- trim your backing fabric to 3/4″ from the quilt top

4- fold the backing fabric 1/4″

5- fold the backing fabric again 1/4″

6- stitch along the edge to secure the binding

7- at the corners- leave your needle in the down position when adjusting the folds at the corner- the quilt video will show you how to deal with the corners so they will miter!

Binding a Quilt Video~

Did you know you can make a wider bind with the backing fabric?  Check out this baby blanket tutorial showing you how.

More Binding Tips, Hints & How to’s

Do you use this method? Have any tips for us?


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    Excellent want to bind wiht backing! I have a quilt I want to use this technique on. Thank you bunches.

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