Self Binding Napkin Tutorial

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Sewing your own napkins can be fun and a great little house warming present or just for fun in your own home.

Great for a green living too.  Since these napkins are double sided they are a little heavier and can wear longer through more washings.

napkin tutorial | patchworkposse #holiday #napkin #diy

Pick fabric that is complimentary to each other.  Because the back comes to the front with the binding it shows up better if it’s got good contrast to the inside fabric.

If you are making them for holiday season, pick fun colors that go along with that– red, green for Christmas, browns/oranges- Fall, orange/black for Halloween…you get the idea.

napkin tutorial | patchworkposse #holiday #napkin #diy

Materials Needed:

1- 14″ X 14″  inside fabric

1- 18″ x 18″ outside fabric -will come to the front

Self Binding Napkin Tutorial~

1)  Fold in half and iron

2)  Fold in half again and iron

3)  Repeat with the larger size

4)  Match up the squares with the the folded crease– the sides will NOT match


5)  Repeat matching the centers on all sides and pin in place


6)  Sew along the sides starting 1/4″ from the corner- sew to to the other side stopping 1/4″ from the edge


7)  When you start the next side, fold the edges over and match them up, start to sew again 1/4″ from the edge


8)  Repeat this with all four sides, leaving a 2 1/2″ opening for turning- the piece will be a little poofy


9)  Fold the edges at the corner to match- there will be a fold at the top


10)  Line up your ruler to the FOLDED edge and draw a straight line from the fold to the end of your stitching


11)  Sew along the drawn line, cut the extra off

12)  Turn right sides out and iron well, pushing the corners out to a miter

13)  Sew along the binding- this will close the opening for turning at the same time


The beauty of this technique is that the fabric from the back comes to the front– giving it a fun interest.



napkin tutorial | patchworkposse #holiday #napkin #diy

This is a great way to sew up a baby quilt too– here’s another tutorial for making a self binding baby quilt.

self binding baby quilt | patchworkposse

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